16. Oktober 2000 | Süddeutsche Zeitung | Rezension, Videoclip-Kritik | Come On Over Baby

Video clip: Christina Aguilera / Come On Over Baby

Director: Paul Hunter

Do we have to call this a bad hair day for Christina? When you wake up and feel as if your hair is not part of your body. As if something very ugly is sitting on your head and just won’t go away? As if aliens ate your brain. And then you have a first look in the mirror and you see that it’s even worse. It looks like two bottles of Heinz tomato ketchup on a bundle of straw – not exactly a nice way to start your day. Especially if you have to shoot the video clip for your latest hit single. And you just know what they all think. A bird shat on her head? Can’t someone do something, please! The song is terrible enough, and now this. Why is Britney always so lucky? And where is genie in my bottle? Maybe you should just go to sleep again. Better luck next time.

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