04. Oktober 1999 | Süddeutsche Zeitung | Rezension, Videoclip-Kritik | Mit Dir

Videotext: Freundeskreis / Mit Dir

Director: Zoran Bihac

So this is Germany? Little white houses under a deep blue sky? If these pictures are telling the truth, it must be a mighty nice place to live. Sunny, funny, sexy. But where are all these guys with Lederhosen, drinking beer and eating wieners? All I can see is a Jesus-freak fumbling around with a woman who doesn’t look German to me. The name of the guy seems to be Freundeskreis. Sounds strange enough. Is this what they call their children in Germany? Doesn’t he have a nickname? Something like Freak or Freud. Or is it his last name? Anyway. I haven’t the faintest idea what he’s singing about. Looks as if he wants to fuck the girl but doesn’t dare to ask. They say: ‚Hoit nucked browk ick an bishen mare ulcer froindshaft.‘ Sounds greek to me. What does it mean? Nix sprecken doitsch! Whatever. In the end Jesus and the Frollein get together and do what they have to do. That looks familiar. Maybe the Krauts are not that different after all. They only seem to have better weather.

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